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Acoustic and thermal insulation for planes and helicopters

Weight, fire and smoke resistance, and product life cycle are all essential characteristics of acoustic and thermal insulation for planes and helicopters.

pinta industry has developed a range of acoustic and thermal insulation products that meet the most stringent standards for interior parts, insulation kits for cabins and cockpits or plenums to provide air conditioning during the flight.

Cabin & cockpit

Patented and proven solution

Aéronautique Cabine et cockpit

Ultra-light products for acoustic and thermal insulation and for water vapor condensation

Aéronautique Cabine et cockpit, thermal insulation planes

Made-to-measure pre-cut kits which make it possible to treat all areas in a plane

Aéronautique Cabine et cockpit

Interior design & technical parts

Thermal insulation of complex parts

Aéronautique Aménagement Intérieur

Shim for PSU

Aéronautique Aménagement Intérieur

Parts for acoustic finish

Aéronautique Aménagement Intérieur

Anti-vibration solution

Aéronautique Aménagement Intérieur

Resobson BSH: Hydrophobic open cell foam with a high acoustic absorption

Aéronautique isolation secondaire-1

Made-to-measure kits delivered on time

Aéronautique isolation secondaire 2


Solutions resisting
- Humidity levels between 0 and 100%
- Temperatures up to 200°C
- Airflows of 200 m/s

Aéronautique Plenum

Parts suitable for complex geometries

Aéronautique Plenum

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