HVAC sound and thermal insulation product solutions 2019-08-16T14:57:56+00:00

HVAC sound and thermal insulation product solutions

pinta industry offers a full range of sound and thermal insulation product solutions that solve HVAC acoustic and thermal issue. Standard kits, molded parts, integrated mounting systems are available for easier insulation and optimized performance.

Our expertise and acoustic measurement equipment is available to help customers meet thermal and sound insulation needs.


Pinta has developed a full range of products to reduce noise at source

Protective covers attached by a velcro system or snap fasteners that are designed to be easily removed and refitted

Flexible covers or hard shells depending on the desired performance and the external environment

Acoustic and thermal bases

Hoods and casings

Specific solutions to damp structures, improve insulation and/or increase noise absorption

Supply of preshaped kits ready to install

Pintaband, guaranteed air and watertightness

Ventilation boxes

Products designed to withstand air flow and moisture

Equipment upgrades for compliance

Sound attenuators and soundproofing of ventilation grids

Line insulation

Line insulation solutions proposed by pinta industry are made-to-measure and may integrate acoustic and thermal functions. Their geometry and design is defined in order to minimise potential leaks.

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