On- and off-highway vehicle solutions 2020-02-10T17:47:53+00:00

Insulated on- and off-highway vehicle solutions

Whether for solving temperature, noise and vibration issues in the engine compartment, aesthetics and comfort in the cab, or ensuring the vehicles are equipped with resistant carpeted floors, the different product lines developed by pinta industry meet the highest requirements.

We have therefore developed a full range of made-to-measure thermal shields, acoustic floors and sound-insulated which have been tested in our laboratories for product life, tensile strength, humidity, etc.

Motor compartment

Specific solutions for acoustic and thermal hoods

Heat shields resistant to various temperature ranges


Pre-cut kits ready for installation

Specific and hard-wearing finishes

Fixing: final (adhesive) or reusable (Velcro type)

Floor mat

Proven, non-slip and hard-wearing solution

Selection of surfaces

Upgradable materials according to constraints: watertightness, resistance to fire

We contribute to their success