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Full trail, rain and mass transit insulation solutions

Whether for the train’s cab, the insulation for a passenger car or an HVAC unit, pinta industry offers efficient and customized solutions. Drainage solutions, structural vibration damping, acoustic and thermal insulation parts: we rely on a family of products especially developed for the rail and mass transportation industry, which comply with the specific fire/smoke requirements of standards EN 45545, GOST, NFPA 130 and others.

pinta industry provides developed industry-specific engineering capabilities to design the optimum solution for your application. pinta industry’s teams are experienced in assembling insulation products onsite.

Walls & ceilings

Parts are ready to assemble and precut according to 3D environment

Multiple thickness parts to optimise the available space

Folded parts and angle cuts to fit curved supports

Packaging designed according to the assembly sequences as defined by the customer


Insulation products ensuring drainage functions

Specific products for vibration damping

Integration of ducts and wireways

Specific areas

reinforced products for demanding environments

minimise leakage and avoid thermal bridges

reduced thicknesses, severe environmental and mechanical stresses

We contribute to their success